About Mia De Fleur
Mia De FleurI am an artist painter. I use photography as medium as I use oil or acrylic to express my self, my thoughts, reflections, impressions trough
my imagination! all I post is:
~ My Way of Seeing ~
It contains thematic galleries:
~ Human Desire and other disasters
~ Dark City
~ Life is Carnival
~ Existenz
A little bit more about me:
I am involved in art whole my life. From childhood time visual was my way of communication, expression, pointing. My father helped a lot giving me all kind of art materials, he could find. I remember myself laying on the floor and painting with my fingers and big brush in other hand with watercolors. He had more than few cameras I was free to take and play with. He taught me how to look and take shots. So I got familiar with it. I love film cameras and dark room excitement, but circumstances of life stopped me developing myself in that area. Thereof I can say that I started in '06, when I got my first digital camera.. On March of the same year I was invited on one exhibit and performance of Bootoh Dance. I shot about 400 pics and get involved forever. My ideas come from life. Subject doesn't meter more than story. I try to make story of everything, that's my way of seeing. If I have story as start, than I am trying to find subject that fit in and realize it. Love, dreams, moment to not forget, "les choses de la vie", music, politic, people, stories, light, night, city, some smell from past, memories.....everything. Every new knowledge involves me to experiment. Find how is real joy. For me photography and editing are discoveries, adventures as part of life using imagination to realize ideas. You like to reach the aim but enjoy every moment on the way.
Favorits: Authors
  • Manuel Figueiredo
  • Alexander Kharlamov
  • Rui  Pires
  • maria joão arcanjo
  • José Fangueiro
  • Alexandre Lopes
  • Robert Mueller
  • Rui Mendez
  • Carlos Serejo
  • João Viegas
  • Dinis Ponteira
  • Red/Benjamim Leandro de Medeiros
Favorits: Photos
  • Street Sweeper
  • O Futuro Do Presente I
  • Zona de Guerra
  • transcendence
  • disturbance
  • fear and inhibition
  • The Lovers, the Boat and the Bridge
  • The Street Name Painter
  • Leisure Moments in a Winter Day
  • Microcosmus
  • Your smile is so shy
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